Evidence-Based Training

The best and brightest POB researchers and practitioners from around the world stand ready to assist your organizational needs in conducting ground breaking research and implementing programs that drive individual, team and organizational well-being and performance. Examples of existing interventions that are evidence-based, and available for implementation include:


Organizational Psychological Capital (oPsyCap)

POBI EcoSystem (Building a culture of well-being and performance one person at a time)

POBI Leadership Development (Inclusive of Authentic & Transformational Leadership Styles)


Collective Psychological Capital (cPsyCap) for Intact Teams; developing resources for the HERO within

Social & Psychological Capital Building (to include Peer Support and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors)

Prevention (Incivilities, harassment, bullying, violence within the workplace, schools/universities)


Psychological Capital for Individuals

Well-being & Performance (Evidence-based approaches for the workplace)


POBI research informs us that training interventions and evidence-based approaches, in general, are only as good as their translation to practice and their sustainability over time. 80% of knowledge following an intervention is lost within the first 30-60 days following a training event.
This can be combated with regular well-being and performance boosters alongside strategic workforce development strategies. The POBI Fellows include global experts who have experience implementing the world’s largest well-being and performance initiatives. This brings invaluable institutionalized knowledge to POB and PsyCap development for organizations.


Developed for youth, adolescents, their family systems, schools, universities and communities. This program leverages POBI expertise in global well-being and performance, translating age appropriate POB and PsyCap resource development for K-12, collegiate to young adults. In addition, evidence-based training is available to teachers (with CEU credits) to include POB and PsyCap within their personalized instruction materials. 

POBISchools is relentlessly focused on stomping out gun violence and suicide amongst our most vulnerable population, with targeted evidence-based interventions that increase positive outcomes (overall well-being, hope, efficacy/confidence, resilience, and optimism) while decreasing negative risks (anxiety, depression, substance abuse, suicidal ideation, violence) etc.. 

Our experience has demonstrated that by focusing on well-being and performance, many of the risk factors our youth face today are significantly reduced, as previously untapped and underdeveloped psychological resources are identified and developed all the while reducing stigma related to mental health.

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