Privacy Policy

In compliance with the law, which establishes general provisions for the protection of personal data, which regulates that POBI, committed to the protection of your personal data, publishes this Privacy Notice, which is intended to provide information to the Owner on information processing policies. personal data that is necessary by POBI.

The personal data that POBI requests, stores, collects, are to verify, confirm and validate your identity; as well as to administer and operate the services and products that you require or contract with us, to comply with the legal or contractual obligations derived from them, this information is and will be controlled directly, for administrative, commercial, advertising, contact purposes and / or to carry out commercial activities in alliance, by means of the telephone, written and / or electronic means (SMS, Chat, emails and other electronic electronic means), make known, transfer and / or transfer personal data within and outside the country , as managers or not, as well as to third parties a consequence of a contractual, commercial link in general to make possible the execution of our activities and the corporate purpose POBI.

The holders of personal data have the right to know, update, rectify, delete and revoke the consent granted for the treatment of personal data; likewise, you may refuse to authorize the processing of your sensitive data, and its granting is then optional.

POBI informs people whose personal data is in our databases, and taking into account the impossibility of requesting authorization individually, which has an information treatment policy which is published for consultation in our Web page.

Likewise, it states that the personal data included in its databases have been collected for the development of various procedures directly related to its corporate purpose that will be handled responsibly and respecting due process.

To submit a query, claim or request for information related to the protection of personal data you can enter the website, write to

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